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Image by Angel Macwan

About the Darby and Cobbs Creek Community Science Monitoring Program

The Darby Creek Community Science Monitoring Program was established in 2021 by the Darby Creek Valley Association and Willistown Conservation Trust with support from Stroud Water Research Center! This collaborative project aims to create a network of training and mentoring opportunities to empower the neighbors of Darby and Cobbs Creek watersheds to collect high quality stream data and become water advocates for their community. The long-term goal of this project is to use the information collected from Darby Creek to educate the community, advise restoration decisions, such as choosing the most effective location to improve riparian buffers or the best place to install a rain garden to slow down storm water entering the stream. Detailed monitoring data will also help to identify pollution sources and areas of the landscape that pose a risk to watershed health and integrity. Cultivating a stronger understanding of the waterway takes time and effort, and we are looking to the community for help!

Community volunteers throughout the watershed go out every four weeks to look at stream conditions and water chemistry, including water temperature, conductivity, chloride levels and pH. 

DCCS Site Map November 2023.jpg

Explore this interactive map to see the DCCS sites! Are there any in your neighborhood?

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Human actions on the landscape have a direct impact on the health of waterways, and actions in the headwaters influence everything downstream. The Darby Creek Watershed is home to over half a million people and we must work together to make a positive difference to improve conditions for everyone in the watershed.

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