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Photographing Your Data Sheet

When you are out in the field and have finished collecting all of your data, do not forget the final step: taking a picture of your completed data sheet. It might just feel like an extra step, but this is a very important component of our data checking process!

Photographs of the data sheet help us in troubleshooting data. We can quickly check to see if there was an error in data entry or if the values are true by looking at the uploaded image. It is very easy to misplace a decimal or add an extra number when entering your data, and it is fast and simple to look at the uploaded image to see if the water temperature was 15.5, 15 or 155 degrees!

You work hard collecting your monthly water chemistry data, and we want to make sure that we are doing our part to double check all of the information makes safely to the data set.

Please photograph and upload your data sheet each month, especially if you do not regularly drop data sheets off.

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