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Welcome to the Darby Creek Community Science Monitoring Program Blog!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

This blog combines all of the information being published from partner organizations in one place! Each blog post will contain a link to the original post. Check back often to see what is happening throughout the watershed!

Our Volunteers Make an Impact

Our Community Science Volunteers are the heart and soul of our work and we have deep gratitude to the efforts of each individual to better understand and improve the Darby and Cobbs Creek Watersheds. We hope to highlight the work of our volunteers and elevate the lessons learned through the ongoing study. Are you a volunteer and would like to contribute a blog post about your experience? Click the link below or email!

Our Partners Make this Work Possible

The Darby Creek Community Science Monitoring Program would not be possible without the collaboration of many partners throughout the Darby and Cobbs Creek watersheds. We are grateful for all of the work that our team does to keep this project running smoothly!

Thank you to the William Penn Foundation and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful for providing the funding to give our volunteers the equipment and training to help collect high impact data!

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